The Way Out Recovery SCV enhances treatment with Bikram Yoga

        In the world of addiction treatment, there is growing concern regarding relapse rates. The Way Out Recovery SCV provides high-quality, evidence-based, proven methods of reducing relapse rates in our clients, such as group and individual counseling sessions, family counseling sessions, education on addiction, healthy living, healthy coping skills, mental health, relapse prevention, healthy communication, twelve step enhancement, to name a few. We know there is clinical promise and scientific evidence surrounding the effectiveness of other, non-traditional methods. The Way Out Recovery SCV also utilizes the practices of mindfulness meditation, rhythm-based interventions, and outdoor activities, such as hiking and running. You can imagine our excitement at the possibility of adding additional treatment methods to our already proven approach.

     We are thrilled to announce the addition of Bikram Yoga. We have teamed up with the premier yoga studio in SCV.

     Bikram Yoga Santa Clarita ( will be part of our ongoing treatment regime at The Way Out Recovery SCV.

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga:

“Bikram Yoga is designed to work all the major systems of the body from the inside out: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Central Nervous, Digestive, and Musculoskeletal. Even your under-used, over-used and never-used brain cells will get a complete overhaul in due time. Every cell and organ in your body, from bones to skin - all receive benefits from this powerful yoga. Yoga is indeed an aerobic workout! Heart and lungs will learn to work together.”Ravinder (Bikram Yoga Santa Clarita)

“Historically, there are eight elements of yoga that, together, comprise ethical principles and practices for living a meaningful, purposeful, moral and self-disciplined life.” “Current theoretical models suggest that the skills, insights, and self-awareness learned through yoga and mindfulness practice can target multiple psychological, neural, physiological, and behavioral processes implicated in addiction and relapse.”Jeffrey M. Greeson, PhD



Talking Openly About Addiction

Perhaps the single most difficult challenge facing addiction treatment is the stigma surrounding it.

The most pervasive and far-reaching issue worldwide is addiction and the various troubles associated with addiction, yet most people are reluctant to discuss it openly.

The more willing we are to talk about drug and alcohol addiction, the easier it will be for those suffering from it to ask for help. 

If you are nervous about confronting addictive behaviors, call our fully credentialed staff at The Way Out Recovery SCV 661-296-4444.

We will help you have those important conversations.

The Opioid Crisis Fuels A Spike In HIV Infections

Some cities in the United States are seeing a dramatic rise in new HIV infection cases among intravenous drug users. 

Shared needles among drug users is a major contributing factor.

Another factor is the shorter half-life of Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate commonly used to "cut" heroin. Because the drug comes out of the system faster, drug users inject more often in a 24 hour period. More injections equal higher risk for HIV.

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A Closer Look At Harm Reduction

With the growing number of opiate users in the United States, creative methods of reducing harm are being considered and launched around the country.

San Francisco has always been on the forefront of harm reduction for drug addiction and the many social and health issues associated with drug use. 

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