Turning Hope Into Change

Good morning and happy Saturday. While the world was waking up and planning another beautiful, sunny, Santa Clarita day, full of soccer games, hiking, swimming, laughing, Birthday parties, etc., I had the opportunity to spend a couple of minutes with a lonely, lost, scared, addicted young woman, perhaps offering hope. I put the names of a couple of treatment centers in her hand and let her know , "everything's gonna be OK."

Addiction Doesn't Take A Break

Drug addiction and alcoholism do not take breaks. They don't care if it's Saturday or Tuesday. Just the same, when the window of opportunity opens for someone seeking help for addiction, having resources available can make the difference between life and death. Family interventions, legal trouble, marital problems, failing in school, decrease in job performance; these are all opportunities for change. Take a moment to talk to someone who is hurting. Call a professional for assistance.

Making A Difference

Those suffering from addiction, in it's many forms, are around us all daily. Taking a moment to talk with someone, and offering the hope of a simple phone number, a resource for change, oftentimes begins the process of healing. At The Way Out, we will coordinate with other organizations to get you the help you need. Put our number in someone's hand, 661-296-4444. We can help. Or contact me directly at 661-383-6550.