Today at Noon on KHTS AM 1220, "A measure of Success" Recovering Business Owner Jeremy Sifuentes, Undecided Apparel, shares his road to recovery

How do we measure success? How do we recover and thrive after the battle of addiction? Join Bob Sharits and Jeremy Sifuentes, owner of Undecided Apparel, as they share experiences to answer those questions.

An Outstanding Quality of Life

In the messy, dark, often tragic world of addiction, any hope for a decent quality of life can seem elusive at best. When the great majority of persons suffering from mental health issues such as addictive disorders either never receive the help they need, or continue to struggle even after multiple attempts at treatment, it can be discouraging.

Those of us in addiction treatment in Santa Clarita want you to know there is hope, healing, and success in recovery. We spread the word when recovery happens. To come from the seemingly hopeless despair of addiction into the beautiful light of recovery is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!!

To experience life, with it's tragedies, overwhelming beauty, and everything in between, with SOBER EYES, is a big deal. When we are able to keep perspective between the way it was and the way it is with an open and GRATEFUL HEART, that is the measure of success.