The Way Out Recovery SCV Spotlights Nonprofit Where Those With Autism Can Receive Free Job Training

The Way Out Recovery SCV officials are talking about a nonprofit in Santa Clarita that offers free job training to those with autism in the manufacturing field: The Uniquely Abled Project.

On a recent “The Way Out Recovery Hour” on KHTS, Karen Navarro, coordinator for the Uniquely Abled Project, was a guest to discuss the organization’s services.  

“We love to do this on the show, is to bring in organizations that improve quality of life in our community, improve quality of life personally, really have a solid foundation and a proven track record, and we want to talk about those organizations,” said Bob Sharits, program director at The Way Out Recovery SCV and the show’s host.

Ivan Rosenberg, a parent of children with autism who worked in the field of manufacturing, first founded The Uniquely Abled Academy in Glendale.

“He had seen what was going on in manufacturing, and said people with high-functioning autism fit the characteristics that are needed for the CNC field,” said Navarro.

Some of the characteristics Navarro mentioned include having a strong attention to detail, enjoying repetitive motions, doing well working independently, possessing a tangible creative spirit and being skilled in math.

The Uniquely Abled Academy now has a location both in Glendale and at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, and participants of the program divide their time between training at COC’s fabrication lab and Aerospace Dynamics International, Inc. (ADI) in the Valencia industrial center.

Throughout the program, participants gain hands-on experience with both modern computerized CNC equipment at ADI and manual CNC mills and lathes at COC, Navarro noted.

“They really thought you need to learn the old way of doing it to really respect the new way of doing it,” she said. “The trainees really enjoy the manual labor, really getting your hands on what used to be done with the mills and lathes, and then moving to the computerized, now, version of CNC.”

Sharits said that most people may not realize that the Valencia industrial center is one of the largest in the nation, and ongoing expansion leads to many local employment opportunities.

“We knew there was a demand in Santa Clarita, and how could we fill that demand,” said Navarro. “What better (way) than folks that we knew were going to be a perfect match?”

For more information about The Uniquely Abled Project, click here.

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