Addiction Counselor From The Way Out Recovery SCV Gives Advice For Holiday Season

The Way Out Recovery SCV officials are giving tips and advice to anyone new to recovery who might be struggling this holiday season.

“When you’re first trying to get sober, it’s already hard, but then you add the holidays and the loss of loved ones and all the experiences that Oct. 31 through Jan. 1 entail -- it’s tough to get sober. But you can do it,” said Melissa Flowers, an addiction counselor at The Way Out Recovery SCV who is celebrating five years of sobriety for herself.

In the case that loved ones or friends are planning to drink during holiday gatherings, Flowers pointed out that it’s common for individuals in recovery to skip these events during that first year.

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“That is okay, and it’s okay to be honest about that, if you have a relationship with your family where you can just say, ‘I’m not there yet,’” she said. “The hope is that your family supports you, but even if they don’t, that’s okay. Your recovery comes first.”

Even if others are not supportive or understanding, Flowers emphasized how important it is to do what is best for yourself given the circumstances.

“Offer them that maybe next year you’ll be in a place where you can hopefully come and be a part of,” Flowers said. “But you’re not going to be any benefit to your family or anybody else if you’re drinking or using.”

Support groups for both individuals and families are available through The Way Out Recovery SCV, with a focus on how to get through the holidays and who to call if a person in recovery needs help.

There are also a variety of meetings and sober events where individuals in recovery can support and connect with each other over the holidays, Flowers continued.

“You can find sober resources where you don’t have to be alone,” she said. “We also at The Way Out, … we keep our phones on, because recovery doesn’t only happen between 9-5. I’ll offer that they can call me and we can go to a meeting together if they’re afraid. So we’re always willing to not only tell people what (they can) do, but do it with them.”

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