Emotional Self-Care

Recovery from addictive disorders is an amazing journey, full of opportunities for self improvement.

As we learn to respond, rather than to react, to our emotions, we find that we can embrace our feelings.

Here are some EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE tools to enhance the incredibly beautiful journey of recovery:

PAUSE: In times of emotional disturbance, stop everything, take a breath (or 3), and put some time (10 seconds perhaps) before your response.

CALL SOMEONE: Building support is essential. We all need healthy, supportive people we can call regularly.

EXERCISE: It's amazing what 20-30 minutes of daily physical activity does to stabilize our emotions.

SUPPORT: There are many healthy supportive communities we can belong to. Find something you love to do and join a Meetup.

READING: Grab a good book for entertainment, or to learn something new.

CREATIVITY: Express yourself through song, art, dance, or any other healthy creative activity that allows you to let loose. 

JOURNALING: Keep a journal to process feelings, and to check back in with later.

EATING HEALTHY FOODS: We are what we eat and healthy foods equal healthy emotions.

MEDITATION: 10 daily minutes of doing nothing can make a world of difference. Sit and be mindful of your body's natural responses.

PRAYER: Say a prayer, have a conversation, or just be grateful to Mother Nature, The Great Spirit, God, or Something Greater Than You.

SET HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: Learn to say no and mean it. Not allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed is important to emotional well-being.

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