Symptoms Of Addiction

The Way Out Recovery SCV is an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program located on Plum and Bouquet here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We’ve been helping people identify their addictions and receive the help they need for 12 years in the Santa Clarita Valley. We believe in kind, compassionate, empathetic and loving treatment.

Bob Sharits is our Program Director and Community Outreach Specialist here at Way Out Recovery and is the host of The Way Out Recovery Hour on KHTS Radio in Santa Clarita.

Recently he sat down with KHTS to talk about our program, how to decide if you or someone you love needs help and described what that help will look like.

Seeking help is the first step, and we know how difficult it can be. Often times people aren’t sure if they or a loved one needs help like a drug or alcohol rehab. We think an important distinction in making the decision to seek help is to really evaluate whether or not you think you or a loved one is an addict.

Given a specific reason, like losing a job, failing physical health, or being given an ultimatum by a husband or a wife, can the user stop or moderate the drug use? Are there erratic behaviors being displayed by the user, like dropping out of school, or being in a car wreck?

One of the primary symptoms of addiction is the inability to stop or moderate despite negative consequences. If you think you or someone you love is an addict, call us today.

We are ready and willing to help people who are using drugs and alcohol to whatever degree, and are looking for help to stop.

At The Way Out Recovery SCV, we are an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol program, which means we meet three times a week for private and family meetings. Patients can keep their job, keep going to school and keep interacting with their family while using the program to help them deal with the stressors that drive them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Our drug and alcohol rehab program helps people implement healthy coping skills while going through those stressors.

In Santa Clarita, drug issues are a major concern for many. The mission of The Way Out Recovery SCV is to provide high quality, effective alcohol and drug rehab outpatient services to the Santa Clarita Valley. The Santa Clarita rehab’s goal is to assist adolescents, adults and their loved ones in becoming happily and usefully whole, free from drug addiction. Those seeking alcohol and drug treatment in Santa Clarita, a drug rehab in Santa Clarita or a teen drug rehab can rest assured that The Way Out Recovery SCV’s philosophy is to teach lifelong coping skills and strategies to assist in improving quality of life and living happily and meaningfully without the need of destructive behaviors.

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