What Can You Expect From Intensive Outpatient Services At The Way Out Recovery SCV?

If you or a loved one are in need of intensive outpatient services in Santa Clarita, Program Director Bob Sharits of The Way Out Recovery SCV is talking about what you can expect during the process.

“We are what’s called an intensive outpatient program, so in terms of various levels of care, we sit right in between a residential — which is a live-in facility — and outpatient — which is maybe a weekly therapy session,” Sharits explained.

Those participating in intensive outpatient services can “maintain their lives” in regards to aspects like family, work and school, which often prevent a person in need of help from signing up for a residential program, according to Sharits.

In addition, the program gives individuals the chance to work through their substance use disorder problems while still facing daily life stressors.

“People can work on their stressors while they’re facing those stressors,” Sharits said. “Residential programs are primarily designed to be stabilization… But there are those who can greatly benefit from an outpatient program like ours.”

At The Way Out Recovery SCV, groups that primarily take place in the evening typically meet three times a week in conjunction with individual sessions. These regular meetings aim to help individuals process what they’re dealing with in their lives -- such as relationships, work or legal problems, health issues, etc. -- and learn healthy coping skills.

Further, involving family members in counseling and therapy whenever possible is a big part of the recovery process at The Way Out Recovery SCV.

“We believe really strongly in involving the family in what we do, and we think it’s a vital component,” Sharits said. “Although, if somebody doesn’t have the ability of having their family present, it doesn’t stop them from getting the treatment, of course.”

If an individual is hesitant about getting intensive outpatient services from a program like The Way Out Recovery SCV, Sharits stressed that recovery may not be what they expect.

“What I have found is that the world of recovery from addiction is not this boring, overwhelming, ‘Oh my God, I can’t ever drink again’ thing — it is this beautiful life that has opened up and enhanced my spirituality, it enhanced my relationships, it enhanced my standing in the community, my employment,” Sharits said.

He continued, “Just everything is better in the recovery process.  So take that first step by asking for help and jump into that recovery process with us, and we will show you what that life looks like.”

In Santa Clarita, drug issues are a major concern for many. The mission of the Santa Clarita rehab The Way Out Recovery SCV Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment is to provide high quality, effective alcohol and drug outpatient treatment. The drug rehab’s goal is to assist adolescents, adults and their loved ones in becoming happily and usefully whole, free from drug addiction. Those seeking Santa Clarita drug treatment or a teen drug rehab can rest assured that The Way Out Recovery’s philosophy is to teach lifelong coping skills and strategies to assist in improving quality of life and living happily and meaningfully without the need of destructive behaviors.

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