‘The Truth About Vaping’ Parent Resource Symposium To Feature The Way Out Recovery Rehab Santa Clarita

DFY (Drug Free Youth) in SCV’s Parent Resource Symposium, called “Head in the Clouds: The Truth About Vaping,” is set to feature The Way Out Recovery Rehab Santa Clarita officials.

Scheduled at Santa Clarita City Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 11, the symposium includes a resource fair at 6 p.m. and an expert presentation on vaping at 6:30 p.m., event officials said. 

“We could talk about a lot of other drugs, but … people don’t think (nicotine and vaping) are that dangerous,” said The Way Out Recovery SCV Program Director Bob Sharits. “That in my opinion is the most pervasive and it’s really doing damage to our kids, and it’s everywhere.” 

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Although some parents might have “thrown their hands up” about their teens vaping, choosing to believe that it isn’t “that bad” for their health because everyone is doing it, Sharits pointed out he plans to debunk these myths at the event. 

“We’re going to provide the ins and outs on the dangers of vaping and nicotine, how many kids are doing (it) and maybe more importantly, some resources for parents so that they can keep their kids from doing it and help them make right choices, and also coping skills to implement instead of vaping,” Sharits said. 

Additionally, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Captain Robert Lewis is set to be the discussion’s moderator, while deputies are planning to speak to parents personally during the event, according to Liz Arambula, the high school program specialist at DFY in SCV.

A variety of booths offering information on a number of topics is expected at the resource fair, including recovery, community services and opportunities for community engagement that might help teens stay away from negative influences.

“As far as resources go, we’ve made sure to cover all of our bases,” Arambula said. “We are making sure that we provide what we can, what we know and who we work with, because they’re such good resources that people don’t know about, and the majority of them are free.” 

Sharits encouraged parents to arrive at 6 p.m. for the resource fair, and to bring their kids too. 

“(My boys are) 7 and 10 years old. I’ve been talking to them about the dangers of drugs since the day they were born. I don’t think it’s ever too early,” Sharits said. “So I want to encourage parents to bring your kids, especially those that are early pre-teens and teenagers… I want those kids there, because they need to hear the message.” 

For more information about the “Head in the Clouds: The Truth About Vaping” Parent Resource Symposium, click here.

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