‘A Light Of Hope’ Spotlighted By The Way Out Recovery Rehab Santa Clarita

The nonprofit A Light of Hope was recently spotlighted by The Way Out Recovery Rehab Santa Clarita for organization officials’ efforts to provide support to youth and families in recovery from self-destructive behaviors or addiction. 

A Light of Hope was founded about 10 years ago by Tim Traurig following the struggles his daughters faced with addiction, cutting and mental health issues. 

“It was really getting hard for us to really pilot our way through that journey, and not having anybody to really kind of guide us and give us direction,” Traurig said. “We needed support as parents and our kids needed support as young people, and we didn’t have that.” 

The Way Out Recovery SCV Program Director Bob Sharits said that the addiction programs from this time period were “few and far between,” and often had a “tough love model” focusing on shame and punishment, which might help some people but not others. 

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Agreeing with this, Traurig said this is why his family made the decision to do something “beautiful and good” as a result of their experience, which led to an organization with an “alternative” approach centered on love for young people and their parents. 

“We use L.E.S. as kind of the acronym for love, encourage and support. Whatever you’re doing, if it doesn’t fall into that criteria, don’t do it,” Traurig said. “It needs to come from a loving place, an encouraging place or supportive place.”

A Light of Hope not only has the L.E.S. approach, but also emphasizes the sense of connection and community for the youth and their parents as well, according to Traurig. 

“Connection is a big part of healing in recovery,” he said. “A lot of young people in the midst of this lose that family connection, they lose a sense of community. Some of them, they isolate themselves and they get away from having those needed connections. So when they find something that’s real, honest, transparent, loving, encouraging and supporting, they just attract to that.” 

This “alternative” peer group isn’t just for the youth, Traurig added, pointing out that parents can meet “like-minded individuals” facing similar circumstances in an effort to heal from their own pain in relation to their child’s addiction. 

A community focus has been the most important aspect of Sharits’ own recovery, connecting him with those who “speak the language” and understand what he’s been through without shaming or judgement.  

A Light of Hope and The Way Out Recovery SCV have similar approaches, and frequently partner together to help mutual clients, according to Sharits. 

“If there’s a part of you that goes, ‘God, I don’t want to live like this,’ but you can’t get out of that, you’re just driven by shame,” Sharits said. “So I don’t need to walk into a place that’s going to tell me I’m stupid, bad and crazy. I need to walk into a place that’s going to tell me I’m a beautiful, loving human being who needs to learn a new path, and I need love when I walk in the door.” 

For more information about A Light of Hope, click here. 

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