Berman Family Bio


The Way Out Recovery SCV, was co-founded by the Berman Family: Marc, Teresa, Brittany and Brooke. The Way Out Recovery is dedicated to the loving memory of Aunt and Sister, Linda Shinn.
The Berman’s have lived in Santa Clarita for over twenty years. The Way Out Recovery was opened with the hope and dreams that this treatment center becomes a generational opportunity to help individuals, families and the Community of Santa Clarita, which they love.

The Berman’s have had firsthand experience with the challenges of addiction and how it can wreak havoc on not only the addict but the entire family. Both Dad and Mom have had their own battles with alcohol and drug addiction before seeking help.  Marc and Teresa currently have many years of long term, continuous sobriety. Teresa is active in Church and Community. Marc is a daily member of a twelve step program at a local Santa Clarita Alano Club, where he served on the Board of Directors and helps others to achieve and maintain sobriety.

The Berman Family is passionate about The Way Out Recovery and is grateful to be in a position to offer help to others and give back to Santa Clarita. We truly believe…….Asking for help is the first step……

A Message from Brittany and Brooke

Although we personally have not been afflicted with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, it definitely has had an impact on our lives. We have faced addiction too. We were there, watched and experienced the disease when our parents, friends and family members could not or would not stop drinking or doing drugs. Intelligent, fun loving people who had hopes and dreams, brought to their knees in despair. We have witnessed people hit rock bottom and families torn apart because of addiction. We have friends today that can’t break the vicious cycle. 

Although we have often seen the dark side of addiction, we have also witnessed positive, life-changing steps through recovery. We watched our parents and close friends gain strength, love, support, hope and most importantly, sobriety through recovery. We want others to know that it is never too late to seek help. If nothing changes….nothing changes. Although you or a family member may feel stuck, trapped or lost in addiction, we are here to help you find The Way Out.