Phoenix House – The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour - November 6, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Guests: Erik Sherman (Director of Admissions) and Jeanette Barreto (Outreach Coordinator) for Phoenix House

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The Way Out Recovery Hour – November 6, 2017

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour, host Bob Sharits speaks with Jeanette Barreto and Erik Sherman from the Phoenix House to discuss treatment options and the philosophical approach of the Phoenix House in aiding in recovery, specifically the adolescent program in Lake View Terrace.

We are here to help those that need it however we understand that we might no be the best fit for you but we will work with you and make sure you find the right place for you to get the help and assistance you need, Barreto said.

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That is a philosophy we live by, and that is anyone that walks through our doors we will help, either through our program or another program, Sharits said. Because asking for help is the first step and we will guide you along your recovery.

About The Phoenix House:

We are committed to treating the whole person — and their families — with caring, qualified professionals in the fields of psychiatry, medicine, mental health, social work, education, and recovery support. Our team of experts address underlying causes of substance abuse and behavioral patterns to guide clients toward lasting recovery.

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About The Way Out Recovery Hour:

The Way Out Recovery Hour live every Monday at Noon on KHTS, Your Hometown Station will offer hard-hitting facts and discussion about Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery. Talking openly about tough issues can begin the healing process for Teens, Adults, and Families. The Way Out Recovery Hour will engage prominent community members and organizations in Santa Clarita.