Real Life Church - The Way Out Recovery Hour – November 13, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Guest: Kevin Pisano, Local Outreach Pastor at Real Life Church

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The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour – November 13, 2017

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour, host Bob Sharits welcomes Kevin Pisano a local outreach pastor at Real Life Church in Santa Clarita.

There is an art to get others to embrace what has worked for you and is working for you in your life, Bob said. Whether that be a recovery lifestyle, religion or something else.

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“We engage the community in a really tangible way.” Kevin said.

All our messages at the church are topical and many can relate and really connect with them and opens their eyes to something they might have already have a prejudgment or belief, Kevin said.

About Real Life Church

Our Mission at Real Life Church is simple—we want to help people find and follow Jesus. We believe that the Church is a community of Jesus’ disciples, called out from the world and blessed by God to be a blessing to others. As the body of Christ, the Church is where all different types of people come together in the name of Jesus. The Church lives together in community to love God, to love one another, and to continue Jesus’ mission in the world.

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About The Way Out Recovery Hour:

The Way Out Recovery Hour live every Monday at Noon on KHTS, Your Hometown Station will offer hard-hitting facts and discussion about Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery. Talking openly about tough issues can begin the healing process for Teens, Adults, and Families. The Way Out Recovery Hour will engage prominent community members and organizations in Santa Clarita.