Not One More - The Way Out Recovery Hour – November 27, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Guests: Pat Montoya, President of Not One More; Darian O’Brien

Topic: Not One More – Lost Spirit – Grieving Heart

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The Way Out Recovery Hour – November 27, 2017

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery, Pat and Darian from Not One More share their personal stories and testimonies.

Often people do not realize or think about getting help until it is too late, Bob said. It is such a tragedy to lose someone to their addiction and it is even more of a tragedy when it is a young people that have their lives cut short.

Not One More is a program to educate everyone about the effects of substance abuse and ti shake loose the stigma that keeps parents from reaching out for help when this dark shadow hangs over their family and to let them know that they do not have to deal with these things alone.

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By having parents that have lost their children and loved ones to substance abuse tell their stories it opens other parents eyes and the community to just what the parents are dealing with and in turn lets those reflect on themselves to make a change or step up and speak out, Pat said.

About Not One More

Not One More is a product of our city coming together out of frustration, sorrow, hope, and a passion for change. Following the loss of her daughter to a heroin-related accident, Melissa Siebers recognized the need for change in our city and the surrounding areas in Ventura County, California. The journey of Not One More began in January 2012. Melissa and other families rallied support from the community while attending a City Council meeting.

About The Way Out Recovery Hour:

The Way Out Recovery Hour live every Monday at Noon on KHTS, Your Hometown Station will offer hard-hitting facts and discussion about Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery. Talking openly about tough issues can begin the healing process for Teens, Adults, and Families. The Way Out Recovery Hour will engage prominent community members and organizations in Santa Clarita.