Krissy McAfee - The Way Out Recovery Hour – December 8, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Guest: Krissy McAfee

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The Way Out Recovery Hour – December 8, 2017

On this special edition of The Way Out Recovery Hour, host Bob Sharits invites guest Krissy McAfee, whom he deems “The Erin Brockovich of Santa Clarita”.

Krissy shares her story of her son and the following work she’s done within Santa Clarita to bring awareness to the drug epidemic.

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We believe that is vital to the process to talk about the painful memories and incidents that drug, alcohol and substance abuse brings, Bob said. You might be a person that never uses or has before but can be effected as was the Evans family when a drunk driver struck and killed Katie Evans, mother of six.

Speaking with the community before there is a problem is important and can save lives, not just there own of those thinking of using but potentially innocent bystanders. 

“The very first assembly I spoke at was my son’s high school, and I thought that was the most amazing thing,” Krissy said.

About The Way Out Recovery Hour:

The Way Out Recovery Hour live every Monday at Noon on KHTS, Your Hometown Station will offer hard-hitting facts and discussion about Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery. Talking openly about tough issues can begin the healing process for Teens, Adults, and Families. The Way Out Recovery Hour will engage prominent community members and organizations in Santa Clarita.