Stories of Recovery – The Way Out Recovery Hour – December 11, 2017

Hosts: Bob Sharits & Alex Urbina

Guests: Angie and James

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The Way Out Recovery Hour – December 11, 2017

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour, hosts Bob Sharits and special co-host Alex Urbina discuss stories of recovery. Bob and Alex welcome Alex’s sister Angie as she shares her experience getting through her alcohol recovery and being four years sober, as well as her husband James who is seventeen years sober.

“Addiction and the recovery from addiction is not a simple road; it’s multi-faceted and there is a lot of stuff going on at the same time,” Bob said. “Recovery is absolutely my favorite topic.”

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I had no idea that the recovery was going to be a journey for myself being a supporter, Alex said. My sister Angie was going through this difficult time and I remember when she asked the family to be a part of the journey, I told her whatever you need me and the family are there for her and were so proud of her as I am today of what she has accomplished.

"For me, I wanted recovery," Angie said. "I was facing not wanting to live. It was scary and very true."

About The Way Out Recovery Hour:

The Way Out Recovery Hour live every Monday at Noon on KHTS, Your Hometown Station will offer hard-hitting facts and discussion about Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery. Talking openly about tough issues can begin the healing process for Teens, Adults, and Families. The Way Out Recovery Hour will engage prominent community members and organizations in Santa Clarita.