A Conversation With Mayor Cameron Smyth – The Way Out Recovery Hour - May 22, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Topic: A Conversation With Mayor Cameron Smyth

Guest: Cameron Smyth, Mayor of Santa Clarita

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On this episode of The Way Out Recovery Hour, Bob sits down with the Mayor of Santa Clarita, Cameron Smyth, to discuss how our community is tackling the uncomfortable issues, specifically the drug epidemic among teenagers in Santa Clarita.

There is such a need for treatment centers and the number of people that need treatment is so great that we work with different organizations and businesses to accommodate as many as we can, Bob said. 

"The purpose of this show is to provide the help you need or a loved one needs," Bob said. "If you call us and are not a fit for our center we will absolutely point you in the right direction to get the assistance you need."

Bob welcomes special guest Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth to the show.

"Being the mayor of your hometown is great, fun and a special," Mayor Smyth said. "Being able to have that history of the community and being able to merge that into the future is a great thing."

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Unfortunately, Santa Clarita is not the same town we grew up in, Mayor Smyth said. We as a council need to look to the future and figure a way to incorporate and adapt to the new changes.

"We(The City) along with The Way Out Recovery acknowledge that we have issues that other cities might not have and we have to tackle them," Mayor Smyth said.

A big thing Santa Clarita stands for is being family-friendly and a family oriented town and feel, Bob said. it is important to spend time with your kids and talk to them young about some of the dangers that are out there but do it in a manner where they will understand.

Drugs and substance abuse are not affecting just the low income families and children, Smyth said. In Santa Clarita their are a lot of wealthy families where the child is neglected and in turn might turn to drugs and other substances and we have to address that.

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