A Light Of Hope – The Way Out Recovery Hour - June 19, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Topic:  A Light Of Hope

Guest: Steve Markley and Tim Traurig, A Light of Hope

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A Light Of Hope – The Way Out Recovery Hour - June 19, 2017

On this week’s The Way Out Recovery Hour episode, Host Bob Sharits welcomes Program Director Steve Markley and President/Founder Tim Traurig from A Light of Hope.

A Light of Hope strives to inspire, encourage, support and celebrate personal growth and spiritual development for families, youth, and young adults in recovery.

What I like about A Light of Hope is that you are in the trenches, Bob said. You are working with families that come through the door and need some hope, someone to listen and give them guidance and that is what you guys do.

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We have groups that meet weekly for different types of groups, Traurig said. We have meetings for Parents, Siblings, Caretakers and Young Adults that meet every Tuesday and Thursday.

A major component of the recovery process is the Alternative Peer Group, which is a group of peers that get together and socialize, have a place to talk openly and most of all have fun. 

With the Alternative Peer Group activities such as BBQ, trips to the beach, bowling and more it gives those going through recovery the opportunity to have that social interaction but not in an environment that is clean and will not damage their sobriety or well-being.

For more information about A Light of Hope, click here.

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