Juvenile Intervention Team – The Way Out Recovery Hour – June 5, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Topic: Juvenile Intervention Team

Guest: William Velek, Detective at LA County Sheriff’s Department

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Juvenile Intervention Team – June 5, 2017

On this episode, Host Bob Sharits welcomes special guest Detective Bill Velek of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department's Juvenile Intervention Team

There are a lot of drugs out there and the media and many others focus on the more extreme ones such as heroin and opiates but make no mistake about it, other drugs are still rampant, Sharits said.

It is not great, but overdoses cause often by heroin get the coverage and then that sparks the conversation and we can talk about other drugs and how to prevent the drug use from even starting or how to stop drug or substance abuse if already in progress, said Detective Velek.

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A common response when dealing with teenagers, young adults and even adults when confronted about smoking marijuana and telling them that it is a gateway drug which will lead them down the wrong path, is often resistance and the "that won't happen to me" way of thinking.

"The way we approach it with the Sheriff's Department in Santa Clarita is the use of a 3-prong approach: Education, Prevention and Enforcement," Detective Velek said. "We do not only educate the kids but the parents and the community that may have not grown up in a drug environment and have no idea what they are looking at or looking for."

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