Eating Disorders – The Way Out Recovery Hour - July 17, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Guest: Meg Stradley and Betty Castro of The Bella Vita

Topic: Eating Disorders

Stories Of Recovery – The Way Out Recovery Hour - July 17, 2017

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“Asking for help is the first step.”

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery Hour, Bob Sharits welcomes clinicians Meg Stradley and Betty Castro from The Bella Vita Santa Clarita location to discuss eating disorders and how to educate, confront, and defeat these diseases in the Santa Clarita Valley.

When I get to meet people that are also in the business of helping people better there lives and help those going through addiction, it just amazes me. Bob said. People often think of drugs when they hear addiction but there are so many addiction and things people have addictions for and eating disorders and having that constant body issues is one of them.

We opened in Santa Clarita a few years ago with other locations throughout Southern California, Stradley said.

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At The Bella Vita in Santa Clarita we have an outpatient program, a full day program, PHP or Partial Hospitalization Program and a half day program known as IOP or intensive Outpatient Program.

If you believe you may be suffering from an eating disorder like Anorexia NervosaBulimia Nervosa or Binge Eating Disorder know that a treatment is available.

For more information about The Bella Vita, click here.

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