Music & Health With Remo Drums – The Way Out Recovery Hour - July 24, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Topic: Remo Drums

Guests: Karen Olsen, Violinist with The New York Pops & Alyssa Janney of Remo Drums/Healthrhythms

The Way Out Recovery Hour – July 24, 2017

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On today's episode of The Way Out Recovery Hour Host Bob Sharits welcomes special guest Karen Olsen, Violinist with The New York Pops & Alyssa Janney of Remo Drums/Healthrhythms.

Mental health treatment and recovery, including addiction treatment, should include a multitude of approaches. Traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapies, and many others have been shown to have promising results.

At The Way Out we try and deliver a new method of recovery and music has been important with our program, Sharits said.

"Growing up I never thought or realized how music is therapeutic and how it can lift ones spirits," Sharits said.

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Starting at a young age, I was able to connect with music and find a deep spiritual bond with music which has elevated my life to a state of well-being, Olsen said. During my struggles of life music has always been there to help me through them.

“Remo’s Health Rhythms Department is on the forefront of establishing a solid foundation for proving the biological benefits of drumming. Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. and his renowned research team discovered that a specific group drumming approach (HealthRHYTHMS protocol) significantly increased the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells (Natural Killer cells) that seek out and destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells. Along with conventional medical strategies, Dr. Bittman includes HealthRHYTHMS group drumming in all of his disease-based programs at the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Pennsylvania.

For more information about Remo Drums and HealthRhythms, click here.

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