Motivation Monday – The Way Out Recovery Hour - July 31, 2017

Host: Bob Sharits

Topic: Motivation Monday

Guests: Melissa Flowers, Counselor, The Way Out Recovery; Brenda Way, Clinical Director, The Way Out Recovery

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The Way Out Recovery Hour – July 31, 2017

It’s “Motivation Monday” on The Way Out Recovery Hour, Host Bob Sharits is joined by Melissa Flowers and Brenda Way of The Way Out Recovery to talk about how you can make every Monday its own little holiday and use it to prepare for the exciting challenges ahead in the week.

Every day especially on Monday you should reflect and take a moment to appreciate the opportunities you have to help people that come in our lives, to give as much as we can, to interact with as many people as we can and ask for help if we need it, Bob said. And have a great beginning of the week and that will translate to the rest of the week.

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Summer is coming to a close and kids will be going back to school. The Way Out Recovery has a large population of their patients that are adolescents.

"What are the stressors that go on inside young peoples lifes, and their minds.” Bob said.

A great way to get ahead of any issues is to have a dialogue with your children, Flowers said. Say things like do you know what drugs look like? What will you do if the "cool kids" start using in front of you and offer you some?

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