Diet And Wellness - The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour – January 8, 2018

Host: Bob Sharits

Guest: Sheri Barke, Santa Clarita Dietician

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The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour – January 8, 2018

On this episode of The Way Out Recovery SCV Hour, host Bob Sharits is joined in studio by Santa Clarita Dietitian Sheri Barke to talk all about Diet and Wellness.

In the New Year you hear a lot of people declaring that this is the year they get back in shape, Bob said. I went to a church service and the pastor started by asking how many have already broke their New Year's Resolutions.

Diet is a four letter word, Barke said. It's horrible to say but about 85 percent of people that lose weight on a diet gain it back.

Diets can have a harmful effect on people, Barke said. Diets can deprive the body by restricting what it needs and also put negative affects on foods. People often think that they are either on their diet or off it, they are being good or being bad. Which is just not the case.

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When we are on that all or nothing mindset and we go out to a party or function where those "naughty" foods or drinks are at, we tell ourselves no but we then crave it and want it more and the value of that food goes up, Barke said. We try to resist, but we give in and take a bit of chocolate, we tell ourselves we already blew our diet might as well eat the whole thing.

One main take away is diet is important but you must be active as well, Barke said. January is notorious for people "getting back in shape", but you must maintain a active lifestyle.

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