The Importance of Community In Addiction Recovery

One of the symptoms of a Substance Use DIsorder is the craving and thoughts of continued use. It’s as if our brains are trying to talk us into using again. In addiction the drug use is equated with survival, and as such our brains will constantly try to convince us why it’s okay to use again.

We Need Others To Help Us Recover

It is important to surround ourselves with healthy, non-addicted individuals during our path to recovery. Below are some benefits that family and community can have during substance use disorder recovery.

Healthy Social Interaction. When we go through addiction recovery, often we find that the circle of friends we once had are not a healthy group of people to surround ourselves with. Surrounding ourselves with non-addicted individuals provides a chance to be involved in healthy social interactions. Addiction recovery can be a more positive experience when we are able to socialize without the worry of being around drugs and alcohol. It also shows that people can have fun and be productive without the use of substances.

Support between counseling sessions. The time between support groups and counseling sessions can be tough for recovering addicts. Many times we don’t know what to do with ourselves now that we aren’t using. During our addiction recovery process, it is helpful to be in touch with a supportive group of people. When we know that support is just a phone call away, it seems less daunting to have free time on our hands.

Non-drug and alcohol related activities. We might have a hard time figuring out what to do now that they aren’t using. When we are in a community that facilitates healing, we benefit from being involved in confidence-building activities. Seeing the fun people can have without using will serve as positive reinforcement during our recovery.

Role models. Role models are important during the recovery process. Seeing other, non-addicted individuals, achieve success in their own life can be a driving force behind staying sober. The ability live life successfully and handle adversity becomes a shining example to others.

Isolation. Once we make the decision to get sober, feelings of isolation can still linger. Having a supportive net of people can lessen feelings of isolation and comfort us as we go through the recovery process.Having people check in with us is helpful during our addiction recovery process. Aside from attending regular meetings and counseling sessions, it is a good idea to have one or two trusted friends or family members to check in with us and make sure that we haven’t started using again. It is important to know that we have people who truly care about our well-being.