Tehachapi Mountain Round Up - The Way Out Recovery SCV - July 22, 2019

Recently I went to a 12 step event called the Tehachapi Mountain Round Up. It combined outdoor activities and camping with recovery. It was incredible and a true testament to the fact that recovery doesn’t always look like the way you think it does. 

If you or someone you love needs help with an addiction to drugs and alcohol we at The Way Out Recovery are there for you. The most significant thing that kept me in the recovery process, and it crucial to so many recovering addicts, is finding a community and finding hope. 

I got sober August 16, 2005, after being arrested for drugs once again. When I got out, a friend suggested trying a twelve step program to stay sober, and in that room I found hope. I found a bunch of people who had been drinking and doing drugs as much as I had, but were able to stop and I wanted that.

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Prior to finding sobriety in 2005, I had given up on trying to change and had been in a state of absolute hopelessness for a very long time. I had just decided that I was going to do whatever I could be as oblivious to the world as I could.

The Way Out Recovery SCV works with teens, adults and their families when it comes to substance use disorders and mental health issues. 

At The Way Out Recovery SCV drug rehab, we provide confidential family group counseling weekly, addressing family systems theory, healthy communication skills, conflict resolution, genetic components of addiction and supportive interactions.

We at The Way Out Recovery SCV are an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program that helps people recover from their addictions while still maintaining their daily responsibilities in life. We know one of the hardest steps is reaching out and asking for help, and we are here when you decide.

In Santa Clarita, drug issues are a major concern for many. The mission of the Santa Clarita rehab The Way Out Recovery SCV Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment is to provide high quality, effective alcohol and drug outpatient treatment. The drug rehab’s goal is to assist adolescents, adults and their loved ones in becoming happily and usefully whole, free from drug addiction. Those seeking Santa Clarita drug treatment or a teen drug rehab can rest assured that The Way Out Recovery’s philosophy is to teach lifelong coping skills and strategies to assist in improving quality of life and living happily and meaningfully without the need of destructive behaviors.

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