In an alcohol and drug free environment,
The Way Out provides substance use disorder and family counseling to adolescents, adults and their families.

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Appropriate Treatment Settings

We assess clients and their families for appropriate treatment settings based upon severity. Our professional staff determine needs of our clients through the use of assessment tools specifically designed to fit within the therapeutic modalities utilized by the program. Individual treatment plans are then carried out for the specific needs of the client.


We provide confidential group counseling 3 times weekly, addressing the disease model of addiction, consequences of use, cross-addiction, relapse prevention, introduction to 12-step approaches, building support, identifying negative and positive peer influence, stress management and utilizing healthy coping skills. We do so through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, rhythmic social and emotional skill building, physical activity, 12-step panels and peer encouragement.

We provide confidential family group counseling weekly, addressing family systems theory, healthy communication skills, conflict resolution, genetic components of addiction and supportive interactions. 


Treatment Planning

We provide confidential as-needed individual sessions addressing treatment planning, referral to other agencies, discharge and ongoing care planning, conjoint family sessions and crisis intervention. 

We believe in a supportive, non-punitive approach to treatment with the goal being the achievement of complete abstinence from mood and mind-altering substances. We believe in including all supportive persons and community support in the treatment process. Our approach includes mixed modalities, as each client has individual needs and therefore, individual treatment goals. We will provide a safe, confidential space for clients and their families to begin healing.